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No two business journeys are the same. Find the business support you need based on challenges commonly associated with exploration, idea development, startup, sustained operation and scaling your business.

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You are looking to get involved with the entrepreneurial community and need opportunities to develop and connect.

I’m interested in developing myself professionally and working in an entrepreneurial environment, but I don’t know where to start.

See resources for Exploration


You have an idea or have identified a problem, but you don’t yet have a plan.

I have a great idea for a product or service that solves a problem. I’ve done a shallow search to validate the business potential, but I don’t have a suitable launch plan prepared.

See resources for Idea


You’re developing your product or service, but you’re not yet profitable.

I’ve proven the viability of my product or service and made a plan to go to market. I’ve just, or am just about to launch my product to the public, but I’m not currently earning much (if any) revenue.

See resources for Startup


You are sustaining yourself, but you don’t have a growth plan.

I’ve established my primary sales channels and have been selling my offering. I’m earning enough revenue to sustain my current business, and I’ve been experimenting with different aspects of my business model to align with my future goals for the company.

See resources for Established

Ready to Scale

You have a dedicated management team and a plan to reach beyond your current market, but need help executing.

I’ve been offering my product or service with much success. I’ve zeroed in on an effective business model and am now ready to scale my operations and reach new markets and through my research and planning I’ve identified opportunities to do so.

See resources for Ready to Scale
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We sort resources according to goals, challenges and mindset…

… not revenue, operating age or number of employees.

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