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We’re Connecting Businesses to Resources.

What is Switchboard?

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The benefits of using Switchboard

Whether your company is in its beginning stages, is looking to expand to a larger market, or is somewhere in between, the programming and services that Switchboard connects you with will help you find success in your venture.
If you are looking for events, information, professional services, mentorship & coaching or maybe you need help with marketing, design, research & development, talent acquisition and more – we can connect you with the right people.
Switchboard is here to make it easy for companies and individuals to find the right resource providers and improve areas of their organization that have been identified as a challenge.

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For the Entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, Switchboard acts as a tool to easily identify and navigate resources that are appropriate for them, wherever they are in their business journey. The platform will also provide a simple outreach method to directly connect with resource providers about the programming they are interested in.

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For the Resource Providers.

For resource providers, Switchboard facilitates a simple connection to entrepreneurs. Input from entrepreneurs and small business owners give these resource providers important insights into what the business community needs and what programming they should be developing into the future.

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For the Community.

Switchboard gives the entire community better visibility of what is happening. By acting independently and only focusing on “collecting and connecting” our community resources, Switchboard aims to build an inclusive business ecosystem that revolves around a “give-before-you-get” mentality.

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Are you ready to find the business supports that are right for you?

Our resource directory is designed to save you time. We’re gathering all of our partners funding opportunities, services, events and workshops and aligning them with your Business Stage

Explore the Resource Directory

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.